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The invisible

Some human beings are capable of elevating the frequency of existence, and Franco Battiato is one of them: a master who tried to teach us “how difficult it is to find dawn inside dusk” and how to weave the invisible threads of the eternal and the elsewhere.

It is for this reason that we want to start from what Franco Battiato taught us: there is a world that is invisible to the eye, yet perceptible through other channels. As the title of his song “the Shadow of Light” would seem to ask, what happens to shadows when the sun sets on the horizon
Our contest is an invitation to cross the threshold of sight to seek the invisible, that which cannot be seen yet exists – just like dawn, which emerges out of dusk, or the plant which is already contained in the seed.
What is the invisible side of reality? And how can it be represented? What is the nature of the act of perceiving the world beyond the five senses, there where time seems to stop?

Find out the 15 finalists.


Erika Polizzi – Fusioni al tramonto, winner

Andrea Cappa – Quello che non c’è

Anna Scassillo – Invisibili sono

Teresa Rosso – Evolvo

Cristina Paleari – Dentro

Carolina Altavilla – Istinto

Eleonora Ariberti

Emma Sedini – Il tocco (invisibile) dello chef

Elena Griscioli – I wish I were here

Chiara Morra

Raffaele Capasso

Chiara Gennari – Penso di non esistere

Giada Gunetti

Daniele Ienuso – Non si indicano gli invisibili

Giulia Desogu – Vedere con gli occhi chiusi

The Jury

Fernando Cobelo


Andrea Berretta 


Founder – Editor in chief di Picame



Visual Designer