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For 2023 edition, the theme was borders:

The Latin word con-finis would express what is nearby, contiguous, and even affine, similar and connected. Letting us think of how many vital and enriching exchanges could exist if only one could stretch their gaze, being curious and exploring..

It couldn’t be more distant from its contemporary meaning of ‘confining’, ‘relegating’, strengthening the idea that “WE”’ must protect ourselves from ‘THEM’ who are to fear, to keep outside. According to a 2020 study carried out by Elisabeth Vallet, professor of Geography at the University of Quebec in Montreal, there are currently seventy walls in the world. 195 nations, representing a solid third of the Earth, have built a barrier to separate themselves from something or someone over the last 50 years.

On the other hand, the morphology of the Italian word CONFINE determines a union: in fact  “CON” -which means together- comes before “FINE”-which means the end-. This word should indicate nothing more than a point of contact, the place where two edges meet, knowing each other, acknowledging each other. Yet that line of encounter has often been turned into a furrow, a trench, a wall, a barrier. 

As history teaches us boundaries,  whether cultural, political and physical ones, are constantly moving, despite those who strive to keep them fixed, rigid and written on stone. 

Luckily enough, we have the power to influence each other, live and walk together. We are part of the same humanity, so does it really make sense to keep marking and pointing out differences?

Here the 15 finalists and the winner.

The finalists

Maria Lucia Carbone – Borders, winner

Daniela Vitale – Contact Point

Elisa Santoro – The window on the world

Maria Guarnieri

Giada Piattoni – In the wave motion (being tide)

Laura Barda – Shared borders

Giulia Otta – The bench

Guzio – Blurred Borders

Giovanni Capra

Lia Zaganelli – The boundaries of the real

Luca Di Sabatino – Repair

Veronica Satta – Boundaries of Light

Francesco Faccia

Giusy Acunzo – Beyond the borders, dreaming

Francesca Gastone – Warp and weftn

The Jury

Camilla Pasetto

Moonwalk Studio

Erminando Aliaj

Moonwalk Studio