Pencils in hand!

Starting from the second edition, Orvieto Cinema Fest has decided to open up, in addition to the language of short films, to the world of illustration.
Since 2019, in fact, Call for Artists are open and, each year, is given a theme, capable of provoking reflection.

Edition 2021

Identity and diversity

What is meant by diversity? Different from what, what model and what norm? If there is one. Different from a majority, but which one? Women make up half the world’s population.

Different as a threat or as a resource? The scientific literature has identified seven areas to define it: sexual and affective orientation; gender, sex and gender identity; ethnicity; disability; age; religious belief and socio-economic status.

Seven areas whose variations and interactions make us who we are, in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. And which we ask the artists* in the competition to recount.

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