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Orvieto Cinema Fest has decided to open up to the world of illustration.  Since 2019, in fact, a Call for Artists is opened and a theme is given every year, in order to arouse thoughts.

Edition 2024


As every year we decided to dedicate the competition to a food for thought that can answer the questions of our time and that in turn pushes us to ask as many questions: the great knot of the Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis, that is, the law of transformation that passes through the succession and flow of forms, marks the deep rhythm of universal life.

For Ovid, metamorphosis is the law that governs the continuously changing, uncertain existence, lived by men at the mercy of events, victims of play, chance and the capricious will of the gods. A world marked by the gap between deceptive appearances and actual realities in which men are lost.

For Apuleius metamorphosis means curiosity, experimentation and search for knowledge through magic and the supernatural. This experience is characterized by a basic ambiguity represented by the double identity of Lucio, man and donkey, in which two consciences coexist without judgments of value.

For Kafka metamorphosis means nightmare and alienation, moreover Gregor is the son of modernity and lives the contradictions of his time. The transition from reality to a fantastic dimension, the awareness that there may be another possible world generates terror. The nightmare comes from the certainty that the process of transformation is irreversible and that the new condition will have to measure up to the real.

All the characters of literature live the magic of transformation with curiosity, with a spirit of adventure, of knowledge, of terror, but also with wonder: the same wonder we experience in a dark room, lit by a rectangle of light, in which fantasy becomes reality, fear courage, love hatred and ideas messages.

And, for Humanity today, what does the Metamorphosis imply? Is it for us a challenge, an opportunity, a philosophy of life or a threat? Which metamorphoses do we face with greater enthusiasm, which are the most urgent and necessary? Personal, social, environmental, cultural, technological metamorphoses: our present is a magma to be shaped and through the artists who will take part in our competition we want to investigate its forms and directions.

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