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The influence of technology in our lives

We are used to thinking of technology as a set of objects made of silicon, microchips, cables, wires and electricity. Phones that enclose lives, thinner and thinner computers, devices that become physical or imaginary extensions of our body. Obviously, this has not always been the case and if you look for a standard definition of technology you understand that the imagination behind this word has changed along with the progress made by man: “Technology studies the application and use of everything that can be functional to the solution of practical problems”: technology was therefore, at one time, the wooden spoon, the stone wheel, a camera that required a twelve-hour exposure to have a single image. But why then in recent years has this word taken on such a much-discussed meaning and presence? When technology continued to solve practical problems, but also began to create them?

From utopian to dystopian, discover the 15 finalists of the contest!


Tommaso Bisagni, winner

Luca Vidali

Marianna Perdinci

Cristina Paleari

Gaia Rizzi

Chiara Fantin

Marta Lonardi

Elena Griscioli

Simona Pasqua

Federica Carioli

Maria Giulia Chistolini

Elena Longarini

Riccardo Buonafede

Hazkj Art

Sara Corsi