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Urban Art Contest 2021 #FROMNATURE



This is a competition for the creation (concept and execution) of piece of street art on one of the walls of the headquarters of “Il Quadrifoglio” association, in Orvieto Scalo.

The artistic direction of the project is entrusted to Carlo Alberto Giardina, well-known illustrator and street artist, and Stefania Fausto, artistic director of Orvieto Cinema Fest.

The winner of this competition, who shall thereby be entrusted with the execution of the work with the responsibility of carrying the task out within the time set by the organizers, will acquire the copyright for the piece as a product of creative ingenuity, pursuant to Law n. 633/41. 

The organizers will provide all necessary material for the piece and will also grant the selected artist a prize of 500 euros.

Size: 13m x 15m

Participation is free. Professional artists, both residing in Italy and abroad, can register for the contest. Artists can participate individually or in groups, though only one original draft is allowed, thus teams need to apply with a common project.

Sketches must be sent via email to before Apr 30, 2021, at 23:59.
The artists participating in the competition are fully responsible for the originality of the projects presented.
The actual creation of the mural will take place in spring/summer 2021.

In a world as overloaded as ours, we have lost the real meaning of words in the thick web of preconceptions. And along with that, the very essence of our being in the world. Earth is the shared home of life and sovereignty belongs to every living being. Perhaps our long lost patience and attention to the place where we live may be found in the chest of time past, for today our time is spent accumulating and consuming, and is only useful as a commodity, a good to exchange. Today’s time is a convenient time.

No more does time flow following its natural biological rhythm, no more does it speak of healthy, romantic interaction between living beings. Time is no longer life; it became currency. That must be where we lost our patience: in the preconception that infected time.

This is why we want to focus on time as a dialogue, a conversation between time and life, which may cure and, potentially, heal both. Our idea is to further link this theme to the need for an ever-greater awareness of the environmental crisis, and we thus call for artists to take inspiration from nature and seek the meaning of words such as patience, love, humanity, migration, respect, collaboration, life.